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Kutcher's mother would go on record saying the couple was not engaged, though she was sure to poke at her son's acting performance, saying he behaved the same way around Murphy at home as he did in the movie.

She also affirmed that she would have loved to see Murphy and Kutcher get married when they were ready.

You could make the assumption that the claim was simply La Beouf trying to look good, especially considering Megan Fox has never admitted to it herself.

However, La Beouf's comments on the relationship only confirm that it happened, leaving all details firmly out of the spotlight.

, Kutcher and Murphy never actually made it down the aisle ... The couple only dated for a few short months, but their interviews were peppered with hints of longterm relationship plans and they were spotted wearing matching rings.

Sure, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake were a mega power couple for a while.Co-stars and crew simply confirmed the two fell in love while filming the movie, but that they broke up a year later. Not every secret Hollywood romance is shrouded in mystery.But when Aubrey Plaza dropped a bombshell on Ru Paul's podcast, she let everything fly.Dillon never proposed to Diaz, but he definitely thought about it.After their breakup, Dillon assured fans that he had been deeply in love with Diaz.

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Whatever the reasons, it turns out that this stereotype exists for a good reason because actors are falling hard and fast for their co-stars.

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