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The policy might cover: Guidelines are often used to guide a person’s thinking in a situation where they have some discretion.Guidelines shouldn’t be prescriptive but provide a framework of things to consider before a person makes a decision.

Excessive public displays of affection might cause other employees to feel uncomfortable, and there may be a worry that the dating employees may excessively look out for each other over other employees through actions such as prioritizing helping each other with work or favoring each other’s ideas or contributions.This policy should reserve the employer’s right to make employment decisions, including transferring or changing lines of communication, Zoller says.“By doing so, the employer can avoid conflicts of interest that may affect the workplace and other employees and compromise the employer’s own legitimate business interests,” she says.There’ll often (but not always) be both a policy and a procedure for a particular topic.For example, health and safety policy might be linked to an accident reporting procedure.

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The love contract will also set forth guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable romantic behavior in the workplace.