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This is such a win and such a great move on Apple’s end.Thank you @tim_cook @9to5mac @reneritchie @i More WW4— Kyle Patrick (@kyleurb) March 29, 2018 To view the "Useful to Know" section, all you need to do is do a quick search for whatever establishment you're curious about, then tap on it in the suggestions that appear below your map.For instance, in the US, it is very common to have maps that have a relatively low level of detail even at a medium zoom.In Japan, however, the maps are absolutely packed with details at the same zoom, because that increased information density is what is expected by users. They've reconstructed replicas of hundreds of actual road signs to make sure that the shield on your navigation screen matches the one you're seeing on the highway road sign.Because the app is often getting bigger and better, we've created a one-stop shop for the latest and greatest Maps news. If you want to learn how to use Apple Maps to its fullest potential, check out our Ultimate Guide to the Maps app. Thankfully, Apple has heard our cries, and is completely redesigning its Maps app for the upcoming i OS 12, with limited first-party maps data coming in the next beta.Check back here for the latest updates in Maps news. According to an amazing, in-depth piece by Matthew Panzarino over at Tech Crunch, here's what we can expect from the update: Maps will be based solely on first-party data Yup: Apple is going to be building all maps using the company's own data. I say finally, but really, Apple has been collecting first-party data for its maps for the past four or so years.Back in 2015, Apple began collecting map data from a combo of sources at its disposal: dedicated Apple Maps vans outfitted with GPS rigs, Li DAR arrays, cameras that shoot overlapping high-resolution images, Macs, i Pads, and physical measuring tools; high-resolution imagery captured using satellites; "probe data" from i OS devices; and hundreds of human editors.Eddie Cue, Apple's Senior Vice President, shared the company's reasoning for switching to first-party data instead of relying on third-party data in the aforementioned conversation with Tech Crunch: Since we introduced this six years ago — we won't rehash all the issues we've had when we introduced it — we've done a huge investment in getting the map up to par.

In the new map infrastructure, we can change that relatively quickly.

It will cover Northern California by this fall, and will eventually be rolled out to every version of i OS over the course of about a year.

For a more in-depth preview of upgraded Maps, check out Panzarino's full piece here.

Don't worry — Apple has a Maps app built right in, so you'll never get off-track again.

However, the world is ever-changing, and as a result, so is Apple Maps. Sure, it's been improved a lot over the years, but it's not a perfect solution, and users have experienced many issues since its genesis.

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