Wpf textbox text binding not updating

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Wpf textbox text binding not updating

The election data is presented on CNN’s Magic Wall, which Microsoft’s Bing Pulse team helped to develop.This post will address the roadmap for the WPF platform, including areas of investment we’re prioritizing and tooling improvements for upcoming releases of Visual Studio.Visual Diagnostics: The #1 request from the surveys and #2 idea on XAML Tools User Voice was the need for an UI debugger for WPF applications.We are super excited to announce that we are building a whole suite of debugging tools for WPF apps that enable you to inspect the live visual tree and modify the properties of the elements while debugging.Tooling: We will continue to co-evolve the tools for WPF when appropriate, alongside new platforms like . This commitment is reflected in the tooling investments section of this post.Investments in some of these areas might introduce dependencies on a particular OS version and/or have compatibility risks.More importantly, XAML Intelli Sense and basic debugging capabilities are now available in Blend.

Direct X interoperability: The primary scenario of interest here is to make it seamless for WPF applications to interoperate with newer versions of Direct X.In-place template editing now supports WPF, and this experience has been further refined to enable true in-situ editing by using Peek in XAML.The Timeline tool and Visual Diagnostics features are not currently available in Visual Studio 2015 Preview and team is working hard to get it out as soon as possible.Based on a survey we conducted at the //build conference earlier this year, User Voice suggestions, and interviews with a large number of WPF developers across a variety of market segments over the past few months, we’ve prioritized the following areas for future investments to make WPF a better platform.Performance: While WPF is actively being used to build large-scale, high performance applications like Visual Studio and Blend, further improving the performance of the platform based on customer feedback is a priority for us.

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Supporting modern hardware: Technologies like touch and high density displays are ubiquitous on modern devices.