Yuvutu chat live

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Yuvutu chat live

Chris captures and archives the pictures generated by Ana's Webcam.

Since August 97, Ana Voog has become one of the main "stars" of the Webcam world - a self-described "artist" who lives most of her waking (and sleeping) hours in front of her Webcam.

The Housewife Cam Christine, also known as The Housewife, has had a Webcam going for the past six months.

Her Website normally receives 10,000 to 15,000 hits a day from people who watch her go through her daily routine.

The site offers both streaming video (by subscription only) as well as images from the Webcam. Christine says she likes the interaction and visitors being able to see, hear, and chat with her. The site gets visitors from all over the world -- even though what is going on is not very spectacular.

Dave & Liz's Cam Dave and Liz Dillard and their two children have put family life online. They originally put the camera up to give family in Texas a way to see how they were doing.

He gives each site a short introduction and offers a link to the home page and, in some cases, a link that opens a remote window of the cam live.

He feels that cameras are a great tool for overcoming the tendency of computers to isolate individuals.Cyber Monitors How do you monitor the activities of your kids online? If they are too young to understand, installing software that filters out inappropriate sites could be another option.Some of the most well-known products are Net Nanny, Surf Watch, and Cyber Patrol.With her playful approach to performing for the camera, her pets, and her little messages about love, music, and poetry, she has gained an enormous following.The fact that she takes the camera into the shower and seems to have very few inhibitions about personal nudity probably has something to do with it too.

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  1. From the unimpressive content to the lackluster look of the site, to the extras that actually cost extra (a no-no in Web porn as far as I’m concerned), you’re better off doing a Google search for trampling sites than spending a penny here.